10 Pcs Safety Signs Do Not Disturb / Please Service Room Sign, Double-sided Ideal Door Hanger for Hotels, 205(H) x 80(W)mm

10 Pcs Safety Signs Do Not Disturb / Please Service Room Sign, Double-sided Ideal Door Hanger for Hotels, 205(H) x 80(W)mm

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This pack of 10 'Do Not Disturb'/'Service Room' door signs are ideal for hotels, designed perfectly to fit all door handles. The double-sided, semi-rigid signs let your guests request privacy and let staff know that the room is available for cleaning. These door signs are also an opportunity for inexpensive advertising.
Product Features:
Pack quantity: 10Double-sidedDesigned to fit all door handlesAdvertising opportunityIdeal for hotels, guesthouses and B&BDimensions 205(L)mm x 80(W)mmMaterial Semi rigid plastic
L968Senior Hygiene Catering Pack Signs (Pack 17)  (Self-Adhesive)W192Food Prep Sign Pack (15 Notices) (Self-Adhesive)L951Guide Food Safety Act Sign -Single (Self-Adhesive)L952Hand Wash Only Sign  - Single (Self-Adhesive)L957Now Wash Your Hands Sign-Single (Self-Adhesive)L848Caution Hot Surface Sign (Self-Adhesive)L849Caution Very Hot Water Sign (Self-Adhesive)L964No Smoking Symbol  - Single  (Self-Adhesive)L903COSHH Safety Notice 350x270mm (Self-Adhesive)K701Airpot Decaf LabelK702Airpot Tea Label K703Airpot Coffee LabelK705Airpot Hot Water LabelG537Eng. Against The Law Smoke in Premises - 200x150mm Vinyl stickerL834Raw Meat Store Below Sign (Self-Adhesive)L835Door Must Be Kept Closed Sign (Self-Adhesive)L836Do Not Store Raw/Cooked Sign (Self-Adhesive)L838Chiller Display Temp Sign (Self-Adhesive)L839Freezer Temp Sign (Self-Adhesive)L840Food Prep Area Sign (Self-Adhesive)L843Sink For Pot Wash Only Sign (Self-Adhesive)L846Food Prep Area Raw Food Only (Self-Adhesive)L847Sink For Food Equipment Only SignL851Warning Cleaning Chemicals Sign - 200x150mm (Self-Adhesive)L953Food Must Be Cover.Sign-Single (Self-Adhesive)L956Utensil Wash Only Sign - Single (Self-Adhesive)L958Raw Meat Only Sign - Single - 100x100mm (Self-Adhesive)L959Cooked Meat Only Sign - 100x100 (Self-Adhesive)L961Food Wash Only Sign - Single (Self-Adhesive)W110Wash Hands Before Handling Food Sign (Self-Adhesive)W187Now Wash Your Hands Sign 200 x300mm s/aW188Wash Hands After Visiting Toilet Sign 200 x300mm s/aW193All Food Covered & Dated Sign S/A - 100x200mmW195Deep Freezer Guidelines Sign 300x200mm (Self Adhesive)W196Refrigerator Guidelines - 300x200mm (Self-Adhesive)W197Chilled & Frozen Foods Sign - 300x200mm (Self Adhesive)W198Deep Fat Fryer Safety Sign 100 x300mm s/aW199Dishwasher Safety Sign - 100x300mm (Self Adhesive)W212Open/Closed SignW231Microwave Safety Sign - 100x300mm (Self Adhesive)W290Caution Mind The Step Sign - 200x150mm (Self-Adhesive)W294Warning Slippery Surface Sign - 200x150mm (Self-Adhesive)W298Dangerous Machine Authorised Persons Sign - 100x200mm (Self Adhesive)W313No Admittance Sign - 200x150mm (Self-Adhesive)W315First Aid Box Sign - 200x150mm (Self-Adhesive)W331Toilets Sign & Symbol (60mmx170mm)W332Ladies Toilet Sign - GoldW336Mind Your Head Sign - 60x170mmW337Push Sign Vertical Text - 170x60mmW338Pull Sign Vertical Text - 170x60mmW339Toilet Sign & Symbol (60mmx170mm)W342Staff Only Sign - 60x170mmW344Mind The Step Sign (60mmx170mm)W346Do Not Disturb/Service Room Door Hang Sign (Pack10)W391No Smoking Sign With Symbol - 200x148mm (Rigid)Y909Prevent Cross Contamination Wash HandsY912Caution Dangerous Machine Sign - 100x100mmY913Gas Shut Off Valve Sign - 100x100mmY922First Aiders/Nearest First Aid Box Is - 300x200mm (Self-Adhesive)Y937No Smoking Symbol Window - 100x100mm (Self Adhesive)


Model Number: W346
is_customized: Yes
Material: plastic
Brand Name: DAYSPOTS
Size: 205mm*80mm