Fifty Shades Of Grey Control Freak Under The Bed Stretcher ( Retail Popular Under the Bed Restraint Set )

Fifty Shades Of Grey Control Freak Under The Bed Stretcher ( Retail Popular Under the Bed Restraint Set )

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Mr. Grey is waiting...

"I whimper, exhausted, pulling against my restraint. I"m helpless, lost in an erotic torment." - Anastasia Steele

Fifty Shades Of Grey Control Freak Under The Bed Stretcher is the newest addition to our huge range of products from this line that will revitalize your bedroom boredom.

Who is going to be the master? Who is going to be the slave? Who will play the dominant role? Who will submit?

Be in total control. This is not your any other under the bed restraint system. Experience the exhiliration of total total vulnerability. This equipment is suitable for any bed size.

To use, just adjust the central strap of the stretcher until it is slightly longer than the length of your bed, then slip it under your mattress with the 2 ends coming out and over the mattress at both sides.

These should comfortably reach your outstretched hands and ankles. After initial set up you can simply remove the cuffs and tuck the straps away to hide them between uses, and reattach in a jiffy when you fancy some fetish fun.

The main strap is made from your sturdy high durability nylon material. It connects the to the faux fur-lined wrist ankle cuffs to prove you with complete restraint. The soft cuffs feature a smooth satix exterior and soft faux fur lining. This ensures maximum comfort. It is fully adjustable, detachable keeping your play time safe and secure but still allowing you versatility in use.

Keep the hands of your partner above her head and her legs straight and stretched down. This will leave your partner exposed and vulnerable leaving the most erogenous zones accessible to your playful intent leaving your partner unable to resist your advances.

This set is not complete without other toys that will complement it. Put on the free eye mask that comes with it. Keep your partner guessing of what is to come. Get a feather tickler for a soft tease to your partner or get a flogger for a more intense pleasure in pain stimulation. The possibility and the excitement it brings is endless. Experience an intensely erotic experience for anyone who wants to tease their lover from head to toe.

Get only the real thing. Fifty Shades Of Grey Control Freak Under The Bed Stretcher is Part of the Fifty Shades of Grey The Official Pleasure Collection approved by author E L James. Buy it now.

Supplied with a Fifty Shades of Grey branded blindfold and door hanger, this bed restraint set has everything you need for thrilling bedroom bondage play.

Bondage reminder:

Bondage Safety I.
Go slow with novices and first encounters to bondage. Be especially sensitive to your partner"s emotional reactions, providing frequent gentle body contact, spoken encouragement and other reassurances.

Bondage Safety II.
Respect the limits of your partner at all times and use a bondage "safe word." Set up a safe word before you start to ensure that each participant can end his/her participation with a word or gesture.

Bondage Safety III.
Bondage should always be safe, sane and consensual between the partners. As long as you keep some basic safety precautions in mind you will be able to enjoy bondage play without hurting anyone.

Product Features:

  • Under the bed wrist and ankle restraint set for full-body bondage
  • Universal size - stretcher can be adjusted to fit all mattresses
  • 4 x adjustable Velcro-fastened cuffs with faux fur lining offer comfortable restraint
  • Easy-to-assemble design requires minimal set up
  • Supplied with a blindfold and door hanger

Product Details:

  • Color: Black
  • Weight (w/Packaging): 205 g (7.22 fl oz)
  • Weight (Product): 155 g (5.48 fl oz)
  • Length (Packaging): 103 mm (4.06 in)
  • Width (Packaging): 60 mm (2.36 in)
  • Height (Packaging): 245 mm (9.65 in)