Fifty Shades of Grey Completely His Elasticated Bed Spreader with Bungee Straps

Fifty Shades of Grey Completely His Elasticated Bed Spreader with Bungee Straps

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Enact your innermost desires with this Fifty Shades of Grey bed spreader, which features bungee straps for effective restraint that still leaves a little room for movement. The deluxe set spreads and secures, leaving you exposed, open and ready for play.

A deluxe, modern take on the classic bed restraint design that enables a full body restraint with a little room for movement. The fully adjustable stretchy straps fit all bed sizes and the soft faux-fur lined cuffs provide luxurious comfort for the wearer. The ankle and wrist cuffs feature a luxury satin exterior and cushioning faux fur lining. Fully adjustable via straps, the cuffs twin maximum restraint with total comfort during use.

Perfect for intermediate bondage players, the design offers a little give in the bungee straps for added comfort and a little extra movement. The gentle spread-eagle shape the spreader creates offers supreme exposure, whether the sub is positioned on their front or back.

The spreader is easy to assemble and can accommodate all bed sizes. Adjust each strap until it runs slightly longer than the length of your bed. Place each underneath your mattress, pulling the bungee stretchers to each end up and over to rest on the mattress-top. Attach the stretchers to the cuffs using the D-rings, and you and your lover are ready to begin.

"He drags me down the bed so that my arms are stretched out and almost straining at the cuffs. Holy cow, I cannot move my arms. A frisson of trepidation mixed with tantalizing exhilaration sweeps through my body, making me wetter." - Ana Steele

Product Features:

  • Bed spreader with bungee straps
  • Ankle and wrist cuffs feature faux fur lining for comfort
  • Universal sizing - can be adjusted to fit all bed sizes
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required
  • Comes with a blindfold and door hanger

Product Details:

  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Product Weight: 299 g (10.5 oz)
  • Weight (With Packaging): 432 g (15.2 oz)
  • Total Length: (86")
  • Cuff Length: 280 mm (11")
  • Cuff Width: 40 mm (1.6")
  • Height (Packaging): 245 mm (9.6")
  • Width (Packaging): 173 mm (6.8")
  • Thickness (Packaging): 70 mm (2.7")