Gift Ideas For The Manly Man In Your Life

Are you having trouble looking for a gift for the very manly men
in your life? There are several things you can give to your dad, brother, or
even boyfriend. However, searching for the best one for men who exude manliness
could be tricky. Let me discuss with you a couple of suggestions on what items
are best for these men, or you can get the answer here.

Cake in the form of a toolbox
Redneck wedding cake topper with mechanic groom
Let’s start with the essential item during any party – Cake!
When you are celebrating a success or a special occasion, you should never
forget the cake. It would be very dull to have a circular or rectangular one
with an ugly design. You can take a step further by decorating the cake with
the manly man’s favorite things, such as tools. With this design, you could not
be any manlier. 

Fire-starter kit

Most of the manly men in the world are interested in outdoor
activities such as camping. When you go out in the wilderness, you will need
the necessary tools for you to survive through the days. One vital thing that
you should not forget to bring is a fire-starter kit. Without these items, you
won’t be able to make fire, and without a flame, your night will be freezing.
The flame will also serve as your light source in the dark.

Your man will love this gift because of how practical and handy
it is. 

Gym Membership

Instead of buying a present, you can choose to pay for your
man’s gym membership. A lot of men present today are crazy about going to the
gym and pumping up their muscles. If the man you need to select a gift for is
that kind of person, then this present would be perfect. Gym memberships are
quite expensive, but it is worth it to buy because the receiver of the gift will
appreciate it very much.

Steel Whiskey Drink Coolers

As a manly man, he will enjoy drinking various kinds of
alcoholic beverages. Whiskey is one of the favorite drinks of men across the
globe. Your man can place these balls of steel into their glass of whiskey and
cool it down like they are supposed to. Though there are several other whiskey
coolers like the whiskey stones, this type of whiskey drink cooler gives your
man a more robust and manlier look.

Brewery Tour

Like mentioned, men love their drinks. Wine, whiskey, scotch,
and beer are some examples. If your father, brother, friend, or boyfriend likes
beer explicitly, a brewery tour would be ideal. With this offer, he will be
able to taste the various alcohol available around the area. He will have fun
not only because of the beverage but also because they can communicate with
brewmasters and other beer enthusiasts during the tour. He can get to see
different local facilities and taprooms.

Power Tools

Other than the cake of tools, you can also get your friend’s
power tools small enough to store into his garage. Manly men are known to be
handymen. They will want to be responsible for the maintenance of the structure
of the home itself. If he is capable enough to fix the minor repairments in the
house, he will need the necessary tools. Try to check what things are missing
in his toolbox. I bet he will be thrilled to see that you had bought vital
pieces of equipment.

Cigar Flasks

If you are in search of a present for a man who smokes cigars,
this item will be the best one for him. This flask will help preserve his
cigars as it encases it to prevent it from hitting other surfaces. Some men
treasure their cigars dearly, and getting him this gift would make him even
happier. Many manufacturing companies offer different services like engraving.
You can make the present even more special by requesting such companies to
place the name of their loved one on the flask. 

Though these are just a few of the suggestions for a gift to
give to your man, there are still quite a lot of options that you can select.
You can get them leather care kits, shaving kit, hair product, and many more.
To assist you with picking out the best gift, you can learn more and get the answer on this page.

The Best Living Room Paint Colors Will Completely Transform This Important Space

The living room has to be the most versatile space in your house. The family has to feel comfortable spending time in it on a regular basis but you also want it to impress guests. To set the right mood for the space, paint color is key. Depending on your personal style, the hues can be bold, earthy or serene, but which ones are the best living room paint colors? Trends come and go so if you don’t want to be constant repainting and redecorating, choose a color that you can live with long term. If you’re still not sure what the best living room colors are, we’ve pulled together a selection of hues that strike the right note for a living room.


For those who really want to work with a blank slate and let the furnishings and other decor items take center stage, white is one of the best living room paint colors.  Lest you think that white is boring, it’s the perfect backdrop for changing up the colors in the room by using accent pillows, throws and rugs for different looks. Moreover, white no longer means one single shade. A wide range of white hues is available to complement your furniture, create a warmer mood, or emphasize a cool minimalist vibe. Depending on the color of the undertone, different shades of white can make your living room look completely different. This living space in the Naked Fox Hotel in Sydney, Australia relies on white to highlight the architectural doors and windows, as well as keep the space feeling serene.


You might think of yellow as a trendy color — which it has been lately —  but actually yellow living room paint colors are also found in very traditional homes, such as this Philadelphia Georgian manor house by E.B. Mahoney. From buttery hues for a warm or subdued feeling to bright and sunny versions in cottage chic spaces or retro designs, yellow can certainly strike a mood. For a less bold version, light buttercream yellows are a subtler way to add this color to a larger space like a living room. In any case, the boldness of the furniture and rugs will either emphasize or moderate the strength of the yellow.


Most often associated with hip coastal decor, turquoise is one of the best living room paint colors for adding a touch of glam to a room. More subdued greenish hues, such as in this living room photographed by Mary Prince Photography, create serene space that brings a wash of calm over all who enter. Layering a range of paler turquoise hues also creates interest while emphasizing the mood. Of course, for a more vibrant space, saturated versions of turquoise that tend more toward the blue side of the spectrum present a more “Miami” vibe and will create a very bright space instead.


For the longest time, black was almost taboo when it came to interior paint. Contemporary designs and fresh takes on traditional decor are finding that black can be a creative and up-to-date option for best living room paint colors. While black is the most obvious example, any super dark color was frowned upon for wall paints because was thought to suck in all the light and make the room like a tomb.  Modern designers have found that black can be a very versatile color in the living room when the balance between the very dark hue and lighter elements is right. Although this living room by Architecture Outfit is very traditional in architecture, the black paint and other elements create a design-forward yet relaxed space.


A bold version of purple was recent color of the year, but subtle tones of purple can be some of the best options for living room paint colors. Almost a gray tone, the walls of this Sydney, Australia living room are the ideal neutral to go with the edgy, modern black leather sofa. You might think that a light purple, almost lavender hue, would be very feminine or even cloying, but this design shows how versatile it can be. The underlying purple color adds a soft brightness to the room and creates a mood, but is hard to identify as strictly purple.


With the range of shades available and their versatility, it’s no wonder that gray has been a trending color for some time. There are those who say that it is now “out” as a contemporary living room paint color but this room by Harrell Remodeling shows how modern and up-to-date gray still feels. The mood difference between pale, airy gray tines and deeper hues like this one are like night and day. The dark accent wall is a wonderful contrast with the shiplap ceiling and brown furnishings, making for a very relaxed and comfortable living room.


Not really yellow, but definitely not pink, peach straddles these traditional colors to create a warm and sunny vibe all its own. In fact, this is one of the best living room paint colors for creating a serene but happy space for friends and family. As with any hue, the more saturated, the brighter the vibe. Peach is also a color that pairs well with range of other hues, including brights like the turquoise in this room by Decor RX. This color works well with any decor style, from the most traditional to ultra-modern minimalist living rooms,


As PPG Paints says, blue is “America’s favorite color” so it’s no wonder that it is the choice for many a living room. This is truly a color that works in any home and in any style of interior. From pale powdery shades to mid-range gray-blues, all the way to bolder dark choices, all are among the best living room paint colors, mostly because so many people like them. This mid-century living room in a Sydney, Australia rental home is painted in a blue that has a gray undertone, muting the brightness. Even though it’s a bolder choice, it still blends well with the other colors in the space and is a wonderful counterpoint to the warm wood in the room.

Dark Cobalt

Similar to black, dark cobalt was a living room paint color that many people stayed away from because of a general fear of very dark colors. Now, homeowners are finding that a bold statement like painting the walls in a dark cobalt can make a big color statement without overwhelming the room. This eclectic living space by Sarah Greenman still seems light and airy even with the dark walls. By using lighter, warmer colors throughout the room, the vibe stays casual and comfortable.

Navy Blue

Just as a navy blue blazer is right for any occasion, navy blue walls are always a great choice. Among the best living room paint colors, navy blue is a classic choice that may have arisen out of traditional decor but is also ideal for more contemporary spaces. The deep color is the perfect backdrop to highlight mirrors, metallic elements or standout light fixtures, as in this transitional London living room photographed by Alex Maguire. Lightened by the white trim and fireplace, navy blue walls can be paired with other pieced that are saturated with color, such as the velvet sofa, or highlighted with other hues.


Bold in a way that navy blue is not, peacock is as attention-getting as its namesake bird. Paint a living room in this rich color and watch it come to life. While it has often been used for pops of color with accessories, peacock has been less used on the walls, but really does belong there. Just as in this south London victorian living room, photographed by Chris Snook, peacock sets the perfect scene for mixing up styles and decor genres. If you already have an eclectic space, this is one of the best living room paint colors for bringing life to the room.


Cream is definitely an ideal paint color for any living room, but it’s without compare when you want to achieve a certain level of sophistication. Much like the chic look of a monochromatic designer outfit, painting the walls cream and outfitting the room with neutral pieces in natural tones creates a glamorous, high-end feeling as in this room by Dana Pope Designs. This is especially true when paired with rich looking metallic elements like lighting, mirrors and frames. And, just as with shades of white, there are quite literally hundreds of choices for shades of cream, allowing you to play up a certain feeling or color undertone.


Whether you call it salmon or coral, this paint color is the perfect shade of orangey reddish pink for adding a lively note to a living room. Salmon is definitely a happy color, no matter if it’s bold or pale, invigorating and energizing. Ideally matched with shades of white or other neutrals, other brights are best left as accents in a room where the walls are painted a vibrant salmon. This living room by Dulux uses the boldest salmon shade for the accent wall and a paler version on the other walls.


Red is a powerful and unexpected color choice for the living room, and once again, the choice of hues is large. From the more brick-red color of this room by Achille of Paris to more vibrant lipstick-red hues, the boldness depends on personal taste and design goals. Of course, if an all-red room is a bit too bold, then opting for an accent wall is a good way to start. This room balances the red with complementary sofas and lots of white to soften the mood. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with going all out with four walls of red if that is appealing. For drama and impact, red is one of the best living room paint colors.


Sure, millennial pink has been a trend but this more vibrant pink was Pantone’s color of the year in 2010. Pink had been long ago relegated to girls’ bedrooms and the occasional bathroom, however, in the past decade it has made its way throughout the home and into the living room. This design by Joni Spear keeps the color fresh and vibrant by combining it with apple green accents and a white leather sectional sofa. Pink has so much potential that it is likely moving out of the realm of trendy and into a permanent position as one of the best living room paint colors.


Green is most often considered appropriate for accents and furniture, not necessarily a living room paint color. This hue has now broken out of its box and is seeing increased use for walls, especially when it’s an earthy green that helps create a cozy and casual living room. The muted shade in the Chicago room by Jennifer Harris Interiors ties together the other elements into a unified decor scheme without seeming contrived. Although it’s not a pastel, it still evokes a serene feeling and is ideal for a relaxed atmosphere.


Another color in the green family of hues is olive. This is far earthier than the previous shade of green and trends much further on the spectrum toward yellow. For a contemporary living room, like this one by Elliot Kauffman, it’s a decidedly chic choice that has not been frequently used in the past. Olive colored walls are an ideal backdrop for today’s largely neutral interiors that are still very popular among homeowners. Natural materials and plenty of texture are important elements to add to a neutral environment for the most interesting arrangement.


One of the most attention-getting living room paint colors is without doubt chartreuse. It’s that hard-to-define, acidy yellow-green that stands out no matter where you apply it. It was always said that chartreuse is best paired with muted colors, but of course, times have changed and now it is being used alongside other bright hues, as shown in this room by Katie Ridder. The combination is not for the meek but the assortment in this room creates a colorful, sophisticated and unique interior. Part of the reason the color works in this room is that the wall art is neutral and the colors are confined to the sideboard, chairs and accents.

Jade Green

Similar to peacock but less saturated, jade green is another rich but muted options for adding a good bit of color to a space. Jade green living room paint colors vary, as do their namesake gemstones. From more vibrant greens to pale pastel minty hues and more bluish-green tones, like the walls in this room by Acquire Boutique, are all viable options for the living room. This is a color that can be combined with all sorts of colors, like the leaf green chairs, blue rug and floral footstool. Altogether it makes for an eclectic and comfortable space.


Brown was once the most maligned color for fashion as well as home decor, probably because of some horrible styles that emerged during the 1970s. Now, however, the current penchant for neutral colors has put brown on the list of the best paint living room paint colors. This transitional living room by Carolina Design Associates uses a rock brown on the walls to serve as a counterpoint to the off-white sofa and lighter armchairs. The darker walls also help highlight wall art as well as the large armoire.


For a soft and gentle mood, lilac is a perfect, if not unexpected, choice among the best living room paint colors. Lilac paint provides a hint of color without dominating the space. It’s the ideal choice for a room that is either a little frilly or eclectic where you want a bit of color but still have pieces that need to stand out. A good example is this room in San Francisco, where the highlight is the painted cupboard.