Fall – the season of warm colors is finally here as the leaves start to fall down from the trees and the nature around us begins to turn towards a reddish hue

It’s difficult to find someone who really does not like fall. After all, it is the coziest season of the year that has plenty of fun activities to offer. But perhaps this year, you want to spend fall mostly in and around your home.
That’s alright though, decorating your home for fall is a special activity on its own, so why not indulge in it?

Seasonal decor is always in, provided that you decorate for the actual or upcoming season, but how you use it and how much of it you use usually depends on two factors. Do you want to spend less money or less effort? I mean, that is the usual choice for most things, isn’t it? Well, we decided we want to show you a few ideas that are somewhere in between on that scale.

1. Hang a photo canvas on the wall
One of the most effortless ways to make an amazing impact on the decor of a certain room is to print photos on a canvas. The best part about is that it is completely customizable in terms of dimensions but also design. You can pick a fall landscape photo taken by you, create a digital design or just use an image or a motive you found online.

2. Display an arrangement of pumpkins
How would you describe the fall season in a few words? It’s most likely going to have pumpkins in it as this is their harvest season and there is plenty of them to go around. But besides preparing all kinds of recipes with them, pumpkins can also be cheap supplies for your DIY fall decor.

3. Set up appropriate table decor
Sometimes the small details are the best and that is certainly the case with table decor. Luckily, fall has its ways of inspiring you when it comes to ideas for centerpieces and table runners. All you need to do is just look out of the window and you’ll notice the fallen leaves, pine cones and dead branches.
All of these things can be used to create atmospheric fall-themed decor for your table and you can place it on top of a burlap runner.

4. Create a wreath from natural materials
On the same topic as table decor, a door hanger can really tell a lot about your love for fall. This season provides plenty of things that can be used to create a fall-inspired wreath and once again, all you have to do is look out the window, or better yet, take a walk in your backyard. Additionally, you can add small pumpkins and deco mesh decorations to the wreath to make it more interesting.
5. Throw blankets and other cozy fabrics
Last but certainly not least, we’ve got a simple, but very effective decorating idea for your interiors and it includes throw blankets and sweaters. After all, fall is known for its sweater-weather so why not reference that in your home decor? Your living room can benefit greatly from a carefully placed throw blanket or a pillowcase made from a sweater you no longer wear.

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